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Her følger innholdet i SureTrack Program avtalen mellom Bristow Academy - nå USATS - og CHC Helikopter Service.




Pilot training agreement


CHC Helikopter Service (HS) and Bristow Academy



Bristow Academy has developed a training program for training future offshore helicopter pilots called the SureTrackTM Program.


The EASA CPL(H) and FAA elements of the training program will take place at Bristow Academy’s training base in Titusville,Florida,USA. The EASA IR(H) program will be conducted at Bristow Academy’s training facility in Gloucester, UK.


All student candidates must pass an aptitude test in Norway prior to acceptance into the training program. This aptitude test must be conducted at Wingestad Psykologtjeneste AS or SIAP Norway AS.


The training program includes the following helicopter licences and ratings:


-          EASA CPL(H) with EASA ATPL(H) theory

-          EASA Single Pilot Multi Engine IR(H)

-          FAA PPL(H)

-          FAA CPL(H)

-          FAA IR(H)

-          FAA CFI(H)

-          FAA CFII(H)


Students will train in the United States on the F-1 visa. The F-1 visa allows the students a period of Optional Practical Training where they will gain flight time as a flight instructor for a 12 month period in the USA after graduation.


When recruiting new pilots, CHC HS guarantees all successful graduates of the SureTrackTM Program a job interview in Norway if the graduates meet CHC HS’s minimum requirements for a co-pilot position and depending upon available co-pilot positions. The minimum requirements currently are:


-          At least 800 flight hours total time in helicopters

-          EASA CPL(H)

-          EASA IR(H)

-          EASA ATPL(H) theory

-          Fluent in one of the Scandinavian languages. (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish)


In some instances a graduate may be invited for a job interview without the EASA IR(H). In this case the graduate must have a detailed plan for when they will obtain the EASA IR(H) at Bristow Academy UK if the graduate gets a job offer from CHC HS.


It is CHC HS’s intention to hire as many qualified pilots from the SureTrackTM Program as possible depending on the availability of co-pilot positions. However, the intention is no guarantee for a pilot position in CHC HS. Other qualified pilots who meet the requirements for co-pilot positions will also be considered.


The SureTrackTM Program is a student self sponsored training program. CHC HS nor Bristow Academy sponsors any parts of the training.


CHC HS will have access to all relevant student documents from Bristow Academy during the training and prior to a job interview. Point of contact for these documents is;


CHC Helikopter Service AS

Manager Crew Training

P.O.Box 214

4097 Sola,Norway


The first students will start their training in May 2013.


April 29, 2013.


Samantha Willenbacher                     Tor Andreas Horne

Director                                          Post Holder Flight Operation

Bristow Academy                              CHC Helikopter Service AS



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